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The Publishing House Polski Drukarz Ltd was founded in 1993. It is not only a member of Polska Izba Druku (Polish Chamber of Printing) and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Sitodruku i Druku Cyfrowego (Polish Association of Screen & Digital Printing), a member of Polska Izba Fleksografów (Polish Chamber of Flexography), a member of Polska Izba Artykułów Promocyjnych (PIAP – Polish Chamber of Promotion Articles), a member of Polish Chamber of Packaging (Poslka Izba Opakowań) the founder and sponsor of Fundacja Rozwoju Kadr Poligraficznych (The Educational Foundation for Printing Personnel) and a partner of Program Solidni w Biznesie (SwB – The Solid in Business Program), but also the publisher of monthly magazine for printing industry “Świat DRUKU” (“The World of Printing”). The Publishing House is the organizer of seminars and conferences connected directly with printing industry, marketing and advertising branch within Akademia Wiedzy (Knowledge Academy) internet portal (www.akademia-wiedzy.eu). Polski Drukarz becomes also media patron of many interesting events organized by different companies and branch institutions.

Jubilee Publication 2013 - Chronicle

Dear Readers and Friends, We have pleasure in presenting you this unique publication prepared on the occasion
of the jubilee of our publisher – Polski Drukarz sp. z o.o. and the journal “Świat DRUKU” (The World of Printing).
Over twenty years have already passed! Our publishing company was registered on 22nd of December, 1992 and the first number of “Świat DRUKU” (The World of Printing) appeared in March, 1993. The last twenty years have witnessed significant transformations and rapid scientific and technical progress in many spheres and, among others, in printing industry all over the world, including Poland. As every anniversary inclines us to reflection on our past, this publication includes an outline of the history on the development of Polish printing presented by the printing branch representatives and observers, some letters we have received from you as well as a number of photos from our archives.

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Media Plan 2018

Here you may familiarize yourself with the Media Plan of „Świat DRUKU” („The World of Printing”) magazine for the year 2018. It will help you decide when you need to send to us information which will be published in the Main Topics News section and chose the right issue for advertisements. You can also find there information on which trade fair events “The World of Printing” will be available.

We would like to encourage you to subscribe our magazine.
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Here you may find the list of our advertisement products with their prices for both printed and on-line versions of “Świat DRUKU” (“The World of Printing”) magazine. The technical information concerning the right preparation of the materials are also to find here.
We will answer all your questions directed to: reklama@swiatdruku.eu
and by following phone number: 48 42 687 12 92

Advertisement prices in Internet

Here you may find the prices lists of our advertisement products on our Internet page www.swiatdruku.eu and in our newsletter. The technical information concerning the right preparation of the materials are also to find here.
We will answer all your questions directed to: reklama@swiatdruku.eu
and by following phone number: 48 42 687 12 92

Articles & Interviews (PDF files)


This is the next article published in the German printing magazine “Large Format” in cooperation with our publishing house. It is about the Polish fair RemaDays. It was published in the 3rd issue of “Large Format” 2016. Here you can read it in German (in PDF file).

Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

This is the next article published in the German printing magazine “Large Format”. It is about the Polish fairs Poligrafia and Euro-Reklama 2013. It was published in the 7th issue of “Large Format”. Here you can read it in German (in PDF file).

Oh, là, là, OOH. Rückblick auf den Aussenwerbungsmarkt in Polen 2012

This article is the result of co-operation with German printing magazine, “Large Format”. It’s German version was published in the February issue of “Large Format”, Polish one – in the February issue of “Świat DRUKU”. Here you can read it in German (PDF file). English version can be found here.


Printing equipment manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) has established a subsidiary in Poland, as it seeks to strengthen its position in the country.

More than 200 Xerox graphic communications customers will uncover today’s most lucrative business opportunities at the 2018 Xerox Premier Partners Congress in Warsaw, Poland, May 22-23. With a theme “Define Your Strategy, Create Your Future”, highlights will include the international premiere of the recently announced Xerox IridesseTM Production Press as well as seminars from Premier Partners, industry experts and Xerox executives on business growth and revenue-generating applications.

Addressing the latest technologies in print, Manroland's Spring Open House 2018 was held at Manroland Sheetfed’s modern Print Technology Center located at its Headquarters in Offenbach am Main, Germany on April 12 to 13. As the part of Manroland regional program, more than 80 guests from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia took part in the day's events, which included both a commercial print and folding cartons session.

One of Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of household disposable products, CeDo, has confirmed its commitment to quality with a significant investment in Corona treatment technology from the Vetaphone. Renowned for its range of refuse sacks and bio bags, food, freezer and sandwich bags as well as aluminium foils and cling films, CeDo now has a presence in most of continental Europe, as well as the UK.

Chroma Printing House, one of Poland’s largest printing companies, has invested in Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1 to grow its online printing business by moving further into digital. After extensive testing and a successful installation in January, the commercial printer is making money on a range of applications. These include posters, flyers, business cards, calendars and other marketing collaterals in their state-of-the-art 5,500m production facilities in Żary.

Articles & Interviews

In late 2017, QuadTech was acquired by Baldwin Technology Company, a global manufacturer and supplier of process-automation equipment and related consumables for the printing, packaging and other industrial segments. In this Q&A, President of Baldwin Vision Systems, Karl Fritchen, answers questions around the acquisition, explains the positive impact this agreement will have on the industry and the company’s existing customers, and shares his vision for Baldwin Vision Systems moving forward.

Screens are the lifeblood of a screen printing operation, so your profitability can depend on how well you maintain imaging performance while minimising cleaning time and material costs.

Sustainable printing, where the consumption of printing ink and solvents can be reduced while maintaining or even improving quality, is no fiction: n-propanol, n-propyl acetate mixtures or pure n-propyl acetate (known as ‘Propyls’) can replace conventional ethanol, ethyl acetate mixtures or pure ethyl acetate (known as ‘Ethyls’) in flexible printing without any modification of existing press processes. While offering at least the same – and frequently even better – print quality, Propyls are on average 30% more economical in terms of solvent consumption while reducing ink usage by an average of 20%. Retardants such as Ethoxy propanol are not required for Propyls formulations. This offers considerable advantages when printing food product packaging. Improved process stability significantly reduces scrap percentages. Findings from industrial studies with Flexo and Rotogravure printers conducted worldwide by chemical company Oxea have been confirmed by a recent research paper compiled by the HdM University of Media Studies in Stuttgart.

About this year edition of FESPA Global Print Expo we are talking to Roz Guarnori, Divisional Director, FESPA.

An interview with X-Rite experts: Małgorzata Lososová-Ungrádová, Sales Manager (Imaging and Media Eastern Europe), Chris Halford, Technical Director (Global Professional Color Services and, Rafiq Mulla, Solutions Architect (Pantone Digital Business Unit).