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About us

Polski Drukarz Ltd. (founded in 1993) is the publisher of the monthly magazine “Świat DRUKU” (The World of Printing) and the organiser of “Akademia Wiedzy” (The Academy of Knowledge), that has been established to organise the conferences, with the task to stimulate information and experience exchange (www.akademia-wiedzy.eu).
It is a member of: The Polish Chamber of Printing, The Polish Chamber of Packaging, The Polish Chamber of Flexography, The Polish Association of Screen & Digital Printing, The Polish Chamber of Promotional Products, the founder and sponsor of The Educational Foundation for Printing Staff and a partner of The Solid in Business Program.
“Świat DRUKU” (The World of Printing), founded in 1993, is Polish leading and impartial monthly journal for printing and packaging industry. It is published in a “traditional” way as a printed journal and as an e-magazine with weekly newsletter. We cover the whole world of printing:
- Graphic arts and packaging industry market news,
- Highly sophisticated technical information about technologies, solutions, machines, consumables, software and whole processes (prepress, press, postpress),
- Interviews, market reports, relations from important branch events, articles about organisation, management and labor law.
“Świat DRUKU” (The Worlds of Printing) is also a media partner of some of the most important events in the industry.

"Świat DRUKU" (“The World of Printing”) is a well known Polish monthly magazine for the printing industry launched in 1993. It is regarded as a reliable source of knowledge for both, the beginners and the advanced readers.
It is being read by owners of printing companies, management, workers of printing houses, graphic studios, advertising agencies, deliverers of new technologies. The magazine is being composed in cooperation with the biggest and greatest specialists in printing industry. One of the strongest point of the magazine are well-established proportions remaining between informational and advertisement contents. Our website www.swiatdruku.eu is complementary to the printed version of the magazine. Every week we are also sending newsletters and thanks to them our readers have the direct access to the latest news.
In every issue of "Świat DRUKU" there are being published many articles and information about various aspects of printing industry. Apart from the broad and willingly read News section, we insert articles devoted to respective printing technologies, machines and devices as well as materials for the printing industry. These are technical articles, presentations of scientific research results, presentations of various products, interviews, accounts of visits at companies and branch events. Each month we also bring forward new comments of a labor law specialist and a psychologist.
Every time we also emphasize particularly the main topic – different for each issue – by publishing several texts concerned with it. Main topics are devoted to printing processes, e.g. offset printing or flexography, include: technologies, machines, devices, prepress and finishing processes. Besides, we also offer more general subjects, such as, for example, digitalization of printing process or strongest brands on the Polish market.

Every year we publish a special, bilingual edition of “Świat DRUKU” (The World of Printing), so that we can present the polish printing industry to a bigger, English-speaking audience. The magazine is being present at the printing industry’s most important events in the world. We also enrich our editorial offer with special supplements. We have published such titles as: "Paper and cardboard – the source of inexhaustible possibilities" (2004), "Unlimited sphere for imagination – The World of inks and varnishes" (2005), “The colors of the world, the colors of the print – color management in printing industry” (2006), „The Printing Of the Future. Tendencies, technologies, machines, appliances, materials” (2007), “The Stars of drupa 2008 trade fair” (2008), “Printing art – an eco printing branch” (2009) and “Printing art in your neighborhood” (2010, 2011), “drupa stars” (2012), „Catalogue. Graphic Arts in Poland” (2013, 2015), „20 years of Świat DRUKU” (2013) i „Magic gate to the world of creation" (2014). We have also published three parts of a compendium devoted to typography titled “Lettera Magica”. A summary of this cycle was published in 2006 by Polski Drukarz in a form of a hard bounded book written by Krzysztof Tyczkowski, published under the same title.

“Swiat DRUKU” is being distributed in subscription system by Ruch S.A., Kolporter S.A., Garmond Press S.A., G.L.M. Gajewski & Morawski Spółka Jawna and the Polski Drukarz Ltd publishing house.
Polski Drukarz Ltd.
115 Obywatelska Street, 94-104 Lodz, Poland
phone 48 42 687 12 92, fax 48 42 687 12 99
e-mail: biuro@swiatdruku.eu

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