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ECMA Organises Polish Folding Carton Converter Meeting in Warsaw

ECMA, the European Carton Makers Association, invites all Polish Folding Carton converters and their suppliers to come together for a meeting on Thursday 11 April 2013 from 10.30 – 12.00 hrs. during Packaging Innovations 2013, at the EXPO XXI Complex in Warsaw.

Currently, there’s not yet a Polish national association to organise the folding carton converters – and their suppliers - who are active on the Polish market. Because of the increasing importance of the Polish production market itself and because of the increasing relevance of EU regulations and developments for the Polish market, ECMA feels that there is an urgent need for the Polish converting industry to get organised, to form a coherent industry network and to be represented at a European level.


This is the main reason for ECMA to organise a special meeting in Poland and to “kick off” the establishment of a Polish folding carton association. After the “kick off”’ ECMA will of course continue to support the Polish initiative, but the idea is absolutely that the Polish community has the ownership of their own Polish group. This means that the Polish folding carton industry determines its own focus and value proposition of the associations’ events, especially tailored for the Polish market and industry.


ECMA is the official organisation for folding carton producing companies, national carton associations and suppliers to the folding carton industry throughout Europe. ECMA operates as the voice of the industry in Europe, and cooperates closely with local national associations and companies.


ECMA promotes the interests of one of the most diverse sectors of the EU packaging industry. The focus for ECMA is mainly on European topics and there are long existing and very fruitful relationships that exist with the national folding carton communities. Strengthening each other and shared responsibilities in working on the different tasks and issues both on a European level and on a national level will always remain the key objective.

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