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EFI Joins the Verdigris Project

Verdigris is a not-for-profit research collaboration which aims to help printers and their customers develop a better understanding about the environmental impact of print media. The goal is to raise awareness of the sustainability of the printing industry through cooperative content development shared with an international network of trade publishers.

"As the leading pioneer in ink-jet technologies, software, inks and machines, EFI continues to drive the solvent to UV-curable transition to bring greener practices to all related manufacturing and production processes.” says Marc Verbiest of EFI. “Our mission is straightforward in that it intends to educate and fulfil the needs of every print service provider, encouraging more sustainable working methods and practices for businesses of all sizes."


EFI achieves this by designing and developing print engines inks and software platforms that lead to greater efficiencies throughout workflow, production and MIS. These innovative principles, in turn, assist companies wanting to achieve a reduced carbon footprint, minimize levels of product and energy waste, and generate greater eco-awareness and responsibility.


Laurel Brunner, managing director of Digital Dots, says: “We are really pleased to have EFI on board with the Verdigris Project. EFI integrates environmental considerations into all of its projects and we are looking forward to working with them to continue raising the awareness of print’s sustainability”.


Verdigris, launched at drupa 2008, is a unique project that works closely with the print industry’s key players to provide free research and content to trade publishers, printers, print service providers and end users around the globe. Participants in the Verdigris Project can use Verdigris content to educate their printing communities about print’s environmental impact, and to help raise print’s positive profile. Verdigris content development is independently managed by people who know and understand print technology.


Verdigris’ articles analyse the current issues facing publishers and printers to provide them with relevant information to help them manage a variety of concerns from recycling to carbon footprints, and most importantly highlights how to achieve this whilst maintaining a profitable business. The Verdigris site also features a growing list of the printers around the world who are compliant to ISO 14001, the environmental management standard.

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