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Fogra Colour Management Symposium

After two exceptionally successful events in 2008 and 2010 Fogra, the Graphic Technology Research Association, announces the third Colour Management Symposium to be held in Munich February 2th and 3th, 2012. There will be more than 20 talks by leading colour imaging scientists and distinguished experts discussing the latest developments and features in the area of colour management.

The symposium will be structured into seven sessions, dealing with colour management challenges ranging from multi-channel publishing over small and large format printing to appearance based communication of colour. The first session addresses the challenges in data preparation and preflighting for print and non-print related technologies such as modern electronic readers. The second session focuses on print specific questions toward solutions for a common appearance across different substrates and output devices. Modern methods of colour communication and specification are the main focus of the third session. It covers the right handling of non-paper like substrates as well as papers with a high amount of optical brightener agents (OBA). The first day closes with a session in which all exhibitors present new solutions and innovative products. The social event, at the Deutsches Museum, will be opened by a speech of the museum’s director, Prof. Wolfgang M. Heckl. The following keynote will be presented by Tom Lianza [X-Rite], Chairman of the ICC. The next day begins with the fifth sessions, which deals with practical strategies for process control for digital printing. The achievable colour fidelity of displays dominates the sixth session. It ranges from tablet computers over graphic arts displays to large format eSignage applications. The seventh session sorts facts from fiction by means of the right colour management in textile printing. It starts with appropriate colour measurements and provides practical guidance for day-by-day process control as well as the needed RIP-adjustments. For the last session distinguished colour experts will shed some light on the future of ICC (“ICC.2”) and potential ways for reliable colour handling of prints made with interference pigments.

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