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HP Certifies Aslan’s Digital Printing Films For Latex Inks

Aslan, a worldwide operating producer of self-adhesive films, now had its wide range of specialty films for digital printing officially certified for HP latex printing.

The latex printing technology has a lot of advantages and its importance in the market is strongly increasing. Latex inks allow high quality prints in brilliant colours. They are odorless, solvent-free and environmental-friendly. The water-based and solvent-free adhesives of Aslan films makes them the perfect eco-friendly complement of latex inks. Being an „hp Registered Latex Developer“ Aslan checks the printability of its vinyl directly with HP and offers printing profiles for perfect results. Every Aslan digital printing film has been tested, approved and certified by HP.


If Aslan universal – or specialty vinyl – all of its digital printing films are perfectly suited for latex printing. Aslan covers a very wide application range in this segment. The strength of the films is the perfect match of materials and adhesives for very specific applications. This makes the films unique in the market and application much easier and more efficient. Aslan offers good solutions to be to applied to walls, facades, floors or glass, to rough or smooth surfaces.

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