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New 48-page Lithoman for Leykam Druck

When customers in Vienna’s cafés leaf through brochures or magazines while enjoying a fine latte, the Leykam Let’s Print Group is mostly sharing the table. Products from the largest Austrian printing company with three production sites in Neudörfl, Müllendorf and Hoče/Maribor are as much a part of Vienna’s daily routine as Schnitzel and Sachertorte.

The technology behind the print products of the Leykam Let’s Print Group, traditionally the finest, is right in line with the Viennese lifestyle. A very special treat with a price tag of around ten million euros is coming in the spring of 2012: a new 48-page Lithoman.

The new 48-page short grain Lithoman is to be installed at the high-volume plant in Müllendorf and, with an output of 70,000 print products per hour, will considerably increase the production capacity there. Once it starts up in early 2012, Müllendorf will have by far the most productive printing system in Austria.

“The excellent cooperation between manroland and Leykam Let’s Print that goes back many years, and our extreme satisfaction with the performance of our existing manroland presses, were the decisive factors for us choosing manroland once again,” says Mag. Michael Steinwidder, CEO of Leykam Let’s Print. This group is already today the leading commercial web offset printer in Austria, and is among the top ten in this segment in Europe. In total, the three production sites in Neudörfl, Müllendorf and Hoče/Maribor (Slovenia) produce 30 million DIN A4 pages per hour.

Paul Steidle, manroland Board member, is very pleased: “We will do our utmost to justify the trust placed in us once again. It is especially motivating that this is now the second investment we have negotiated with this customer, and we are ready to go with the first 96-page Lithoman for Austria.” We can hardly wait for further reports about Leykam Let’s Print. Perhaps you can read them in a café.

Photo: CEO Michael Steinwidder (left) and Works Manager Franz Tinnacher are pleased about the investment in a 48-page short grain Lithoman.

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