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Simple operation and flexibility in the gluing process with new Baumer Xact controller

Baumer hhs introduces its compact and intuitive Xact controller, whose range of functions is geared entirely to automated gluing. The controller incorporates the latest software and hardware technology, giving customers maximum flexibility. They can run all of their Baumer hhs hot melt and cold glue application heads on the Xact and implement both simple and complex gluing applications cost-efficiently. Short setup times and high reliability make the new controller the ideal solution for high-precision gluing in many areas of folding carton production, end-of-line packaging and print finishing.

Because automated gluing does not always need to be monitored for quality, Baumer hhs’s product range traditionally includes controllers for applications that dispense with this step. Xact represents the latest generation of controllers in this performance class, and sets new standards on the market in ease of operation and flexibility. “Xact is the newest member of the Go product family from Baumer hhs. The systems in this line boast an excellent price/performance ratio, giving customers around the globe access to our product world. A lot of machine manufacturers prefer the Baumer hhs brand for adhesive application because it stands for exceptional reliability worldwide”, says Ralf Scharf, Business Development Manager at Baumer hhs.

Xact follows the same intuitive operating philosophy as Baumer hhs’s high-end Xtend3 controller. In other words, Xact’s touchscreen operation and intuitive menu navigation also reliably guide machine operators through the targeted setup, no matter what the gluing application. In addition, its expanded functionality offers added options never before available with controllers designed exclusively for adhesive application. For example, with Xact, up to eight glue tracks per application head can be programmed individually and applied either as dots or lines. With this flexibility, customers can optimize glue consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Additional help is provided here by Baumer hhs’s GlueCalc smartphone app: Customers can enter just a few parameters in its simple user interface to calculate optimum glue consumption for every single job.

Combined with Baumer hhs cold glue or hot melt heads, Xact maintains a consistent level of precision in applying glue across the entire working width at machines speeds of up to 300 m/min. Data for up to 99 sample orders can be stored in the controller and quickly retrieved via the menu for follow-up jobs. Setup time is further reduced to a minimum by how easy it is to program glue tracks, by having the pump pressure setting integrated in the controller and by the option of choosing between 30 different languages for controller operation—including for the plain-language and informative help texts and system messages.

Customers can flexibly update predecessor models from Baumer hhs to the new Xact controller and even continue using the same mounts. If the requirements they need to fulfil in glue application increase, the Xact controllers can in turn be replaced at any time with high-end Xtend3 controllers from Baumer hhs, which give customers virtually unlimited possibilities in automated gluing and the associated quality assurance.

“Our Xact controllers are the ideal solution for customers who need compact controllers for their gluing process, but don’t want to go without the simplicity of a touchscreen interface”, adds Ralf Scharf.

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