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Vinfoil Carbon Compensated Project Finalized

Vinfoil, the world leader in developing cold transfer solutions for the printing industry, has finalized its carbon compensation project. Being awarded the certificate by the Swiss company myclimate ensures the production of every new Vinfoil Optima SF110MF is carbon compensated 100%.

Since entering the printing and packaging industry in 2007, Vinfoil has seen a lot of initiatives from industry leaders to increase sustainability awareness. Major players are constantly looking for new opportunities to make packages, printing technologies, and processing waste more sustainable.
Keeping in mind Vinfoil’s mission to remain the worldwide leading solution provider of the most cost-effective and sustainable cold transfer solutions requires Vinfoil to be unique and innovative. It also means Vinfoil is constantly looking for opportunities to contribute to increasing the sustainability level of the industry. Connecting with myclimate gave Vinfoil the one of a kind opportunity to become the first cold transfer solution manufacturer in the world to guarantee a 100% carbon compensated production.
The Results

“The Vinfoil Optima SF110MF machine produces a total of 45,3 tons CO2, at least an additional 20% should be added when the emissions are compensated to consider for the uncertainty. The machine itself is responsible for 41,8 tons CO2 and the share of the overhead emissions is 3,5 tons CO2. The shares of the different life-cycle phases are presented in the figure below”
As of today, every Vinfoil Optima SF110MF sold will be included with a Myclimate 100% carbon compensated certificate. With the certificate, we have compensated all CO2 emissions which occur during production. Based on the results shown Myclimate will make sure investments in several carbon compensated projects are made all around the world to ensure a 100% CO2 compensation.
“It makes Vinfoil proud we have been able to pursue Vinfoil’s mission and increase the sustainability level of our cold transfer solutions and the printing industry as a whole. For many years, as a leading innovation company in the cold transfer business, Vinfoil has been striving to increase sustainability in its production and setting this step has added extra value to our concept for us, but mainly for our customers.”, explains Vincent van der Heijden, President and C.E.O. of Vinfoil.

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