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Innovations Club with Infosystems SA and Kodak Polska

The innovative solutions for printing and the EU programs as well as practical information on how to obtain grants were the main theme of a conference organized by Infosystems SA and Kodak Poland in Warsaw InterContinental Hotel in March.

Representatives of a dozen printing and packaging companies from regions Mazowiecki and Podlaski attended the seminar.
Organizers addressed the meeting primarily to the owners and managers of printing and packaging companies interested in developing and improving their businesses by means of innovative solutions and the support from EU programs, which offer non-repayable grant of up to 85% of investment costs. And that is how the cross-section of guests looked like. The conference was not only giving the factual information. It was also accompanied by the numerous individual meetings with experts of the Department of European Funds and representatives of Infosystems SA and Kodak Poland.
"The interest in seminars organized thanks to the Innovations Club initiative is very high, because the participants receive condensed and practical knowledge from us. The conference program is highly individualized, especially to meet demands of particular regions where calls for the regional competitions in the framework of EU projects are published. This guarantee participants that we always discuss with them the possibility of obtaining specific funds and that we are able to answer all their questions at once. After the successful conference in Olsztyn, which took place last month, also this one in Warsaw shows clearly how many owners of printing houses treat innovative solutions as the shortest and safest path to success in business. In most cases, only obtaining the non-repayable grant makes it possible to achieve the goal” – said Krzysztof Łukaszewicz, commercial director of Infosystems SA.
Participants of the conference in Warsaw were given the information about practical possibilities of obtaining grants in the framework of a nationwide operation OP 8.2 – “Supporting the implementation of B2B electronic business” and technology which allows of higher efficiency in building and making relationships with customers better. Also were presented opportunities to benefit from assistance ROP WP 1.4 – “Support for innovative enterprises”. The speakers shared with the participants their specialist knowledge and presented the most optimal ways of combining the appropriate use of EU funds with the best technologies, which contribute to the optimization of business and production processes as well as to the increase of competitiveness, efficiency and productivity in the demanding market.
Speakers who took part in the conference were Mariusz Sosnowski, CEO of Infosystems SA, and Swapan Chaudhuri, Managing Director of Kodak Polska, Jerzy Kosiec (Infosystems SA) with Sławomir Iwanowski and Tomasz Gogacz (both from Kodak Polska).
"The World of Printing" is among media patrons of the conference cycle. The subsequent meetings are scheduled for: April the 5th in Krakow, April the 19th in Lublin, May the 10th and September the 20th in Warsaw, October the 4th in Katowice.

(Photo: www.freedigitalphotos.net, photographer: scottchan)

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